Why I wrote Blood Reign

I wrote this post under ‘Writings’ but I’ll also copy and paste it here.

The truth is, reality is cruel. It’s filled with violence and injustice. Look at the conflicts between Palestine and Israel. Thousands died in such a cruel, inhumane way. It’s injustice yet nobody is doing anything about it. Children die everyday in Africa due to poverty. The government is corrupted and only cares about wealth and power. The rich is living on the sufferings of poor people.

But what do people do? Nada. We are helpless most of the time. There are two types of people in this world: people with sympathy and people with compassion. You can sympathise with people facing injustice, but you won’t lift a finger to help them. Maybe it’s due to the lack of money, lack of power, and you might think that you alone won’t change a damn thing so there’s no point trying to help out.  Or maybe you’re just oceans apart.

Then, there are others with compassion. They can’t stand watching injustice so they try and contribute. They donate, go to protest march, fill out petitions, and raise awareness. They feel deeply affected and their hearts hurts from seeing pain. They want to make this world a better place.

I wrote this book because I want to shed hope in a world of darkness. Blood Reign is a fantasy story about a girl living in a contemporary world who faces injustice against her mother. To escape her mother’s killers, Alice jumps off a cliff but awakens in an unfamiliar world in the middle of a blood-soaked battlefield. Here, she journeys to find home but it’s not easy. For one thing, this medieval world is filled with injustice, violence and tons of innocent blood spilled to the ground. There are predators preying on humans and not just monsters, but also people itself: the evil queen, bandits, corrupted officials etc. Civilians live in fear all the time, and despair over deaths.

So Alice’s arrival brings hope. Because she is strong, brave, and even though she has many flaws (her penchant for blood lust), she is compassionate. She can’t stand seeing people in pain. She sticks up to them, save them when they’re in trouble even if it means her death. That’s not to say that she is perfect. Far from it. She breaks down after a fight. She’s racked full of grief because of her mother’s death. Sometimes she’s tired of fighting, and want the whole world to disappear. That’s where her friends comes in. Alice meets very interesting characters along the way: a kind-hearted physician and a runaway slave. They’re the ones who hold her when she falls apart. A hero isn’t just one person. It’s a bond. Friendship is a powerful tool because it gives hope and the will to live on when their lives are unbearable to live. Together, they can change the world.



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