Waffling about waffles

If you know any Malaysians (if you don’t know that I’m Malaysian, well now you know), then you should know that they love food. Malaysia is all about the food and we have so many different dishes all derived from 3 dominant cultures in Malaysia: Malays, Chinese, and Indians.

Anyway, I won’t talk about the food in Malaysia for now. Let’s talk about the food in Britain! UK is famous for their fish and chips and all those English things (I’m a huge tea drinker. The best tea I’ve drank is Tetley and Earl Grey).

In this particular post, I want to talk about waffles.

Btw, can you say this tongue twister?

A waffle with wafer voucher- tongue twister

Warden Watcher’s waistline
waited like a vulture to have a
waffle with wafer voucher
when his waitress,
wearing a western modern dress
with a velvetty strapped watch,
walked away with his water,
when time ran out and finally
Warden Watcher’s waistline missed the
waffle with wafer voucher as he had to visit
Waffing Wufflecupfor a velvetty visit to
waiters’ corner!

– See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/1563881-A-waffle-with-wafer-voucher–tongue-twister-by-lifeisjazzy#sthash.8fqkls2G.dpuf

My sister is currently making me waffles (because I won’t stop yapping about it) and I can smell the mushrooms mmmmm….

The best one I’ve eaten is from The Waffle House in Norwich. My parents studied there 20-something-years ago and they always went to the waffle house. So a couple of years ago, we drove there again to eat. And it was worth the 3 hours drive because those damn waffles were so yummy.

Now before I leave to Malaysia, I had a desire to eat those waffles again but nobody wanted to travel 3 hours to eat waffles no matter how good they were.
So we found out that The Waffle House has another branch at St Albans which is only 1.5 hours drive away yippee.
We went a couple of days ago and I was excited to gorge on those waffles again but what did I get? Disappointment.



How the hell are they under the same brand and yet the quality of these two waffles were so damn different?


Anyway, next stop to my food tour is fish & chips. You can’t get them in Malaysia and the best fish and chips I’ve ever tasted is in Northampton.


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