S.A Jeffrey is my pen name. S.A are initials to my real name but I won’t say what they stands for. My name is very . . . unique (thank you, Dad).
I’m currently twenty-two years old. There, I’ve said it. I had friends who said I shouldn’t mention my age because I might be perceived as ‘too young’ to write. Like it or not, there are prejudices. This world lies on prejudice. It’s one of the reasons we write to break that barrier. And you know what? I’m damn proud to be twenty-two and wrote a novel. Not many people can claim that because writing 80,000 words wasn’t an easy feat and I’ve banged my head repeatedly against the keyboard in frustration. But I’ve done it. And it was liberating to write these stories. The characters wouldn’t shut up otherwise.

I’m a storyteller. I had been ever since I was in primary school. When I was in Year 3, I became my school’s representative to compete in storytelling competitions across the region. I weaved stories and acted them out on stage. And I loved it.
Now, I simply write. I prefer the term storyteller than a writer though, because I can’t really write that well unfortunately (not yet, need more practice). What I have is a lot of imagination and the ability to weave stories from thin air.
Anyway, who I am isn’t important. My story is.


Other random stuff about moi:

I’m a food person. That’s a given, I’m Malaysian. We’re all about food here.

I don’t know if this is the part of being British (or people living in the UK) but I’m a HUGE tea drinker. I love tea so much. My favourite blend is Earl Grey and Tetley.

I love taking pictures or to be more exact, I prefer to instagram everything. My instagram is filled with books and food. And the occasional landscapes.

I’m based in the UK. I live in a small town near the countryside (you can smell poo everywhere) and a very quiet neighbourhood. By quiet, I mean our house is the loudest in the entire area. Seriously, do these walls made of paper or something? I can hear my sisters shrieking talking even at the end of the road.

And I’m an accountant. Tax accountant to be more specific.


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