Differences in blogging platforms

One of the difficulties when setting up a blog is choosing which platform to go for (the next difficult part is choosing the theme. It took me ages to pick one).

I’m by no means an expert but I have tried out all three: Blogspot, Weebly, WordPress. I’m more familiar with blogspot. I have my YA book blog on blogspot. It’s easy and very simple to use even for a tech retard like me.

But Blogspot’s layouts sucks. The free ones anyway (I’m a cheap skate). They’re absolutely hideous, and it makes me feel like an elementary schooler rather than a professional. You might get lucky and find some nice themes but if you’re prepared to spend ages on the internet looking for themes, then by all means go ahead. Since I’m an aspiring writer, having a clean-looking blog is always a plus.


So then comes Weebly. I’ve been told that Weebly is very easy to manage and has beautiful themes. So I tried it out. And I frikkin loved it!


It took a while to get used to the tools provided but once I did – wow! The things I could do on weebly was just awesome. They have tons of beautiful themes (and free whoop whoop!). Subpages are so easy to make, they have different types of pages I can choose (whether or not I want a header on top, small header or ‘landing’ page) and they also have a header generator. Seriously, it’s such a hot platform to use.

But one day after using it, I immediately noticed the problem.


NETWORKING SUCKS. This is a HUGE problem folks, because networking is an integral part of the process for writers. We need to connect with other writers, readers and everyone else in general. We need to use word-of-mouth and be part of that powerful writing community. We need friends basically. But weebly has no such tool (you’re such a fool, weebly!). We can’t communicate with other blogs by using our weebly usernames so they won’t be able to one-click straight to our author blogs. There are no option for followers. Sure, you can put on that subscription tool but it won’t be good enough. We need to be on people’s newsfeed in order to gain higher recognition.


So finally, I tried out WordPress. This is my first day using it and I’m loving it so far. It’s a bit harder to use; too many techy options and it’s not very direct. But if a tech retard like me can do it, I’m sure everyone can do it too. It only took me 10 minutes to get used to it anyway. The themes are a lot more professional looking. Mine’s pretty cool, huh? And it’s free 😀 And WP also has this option which you can connect directly to social media (facebox and twatter 😉 ) so whenever you publish a post, your twitter feed will automatically update with your WP post.


So there you have it! WP rules!